Mission Statement:

The mission of the Ada Lake Association shall be to maintain or improve the living, recreational, environmental and ecological conditions of the Lake Ada area.


The purpose of the Association is to accomplish the organizations mission through a spirit of stewardship among property owners within the Lake Ada watershed.  Specific purposes of the Association in support of the mission include, but are not limited to, the following:  maintaining Lake Ada's water quality, maintaining Lake Ada's fisheries, promoting the aesthetic and environmental quality of the shoreline, working to prevent the invasion of exotic plant and aquatic animals, promoting the spirit of community through an annual picnic and the periodic publication of a directory of Lake Ada property owners and maintaining a system of navigational buoys.

Website Journey:

On 9/20/2023 the association launch version 1 of a new website platform aimed to provide a more effective launch point for building out rich content and accessibility in support our mission statement.  In addition, this platform will allow more effective and efficient communications and interactions with the association membership.  The development of this site will be an exciting journey as we continue to add more functionality and more content for those that visit the site.  We appreciate your support as we move forward into the next stage of our digital presence.

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